A hotel offers a mattress that Cristiano Ronaldo slept on for a small sum. Find out the price

A Ljubljana hotel will put up for charity auction the mattress that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo slept on during his recent visit to Slovenia.

24ur said: “The presence of the Portuguese player in the Slovenian capital has caused a state of ‘original Ronaldo mania’.”

A large number of fans sought to approach the player, obtain his autograph, or take pictures with him.

The website said: “Ronaldo did not satisfy many fans, because he avoided these attempts after the friendly match between Portugal and Slovenia, which ended with a 2-0 victory for the hosts.

The Gran Plaza Hotel in the Slovenian capital, where the Portuguese team delegation stayed, decided to put the mattress up for sale at auction for charitable purposes, with an initial price of five thousand euros.

The auction will be held at the end of April, as confirmed by the hotel.