At the end of the holidays, we also received some good news. Kim Woo-min, triple gold medalist in swimming at the Hangzhou Asian Games, won the 400m freestyle at the World Aquatics Championships. This is the second World Championships gold medal won by a Korean athlete, 13 years after Park Tae-hwan.

Reporter Kim Hyeong-yeol will report.


While the competition was fierce from the preliminaries to the point where the Tokyo Olympics gold medalist was eliminated from the preliminaries, Kim Woo-min, who appeared in lane 3 of the finals, had his game on the line from the beginning.

After jumping into the water with the fastest reaction time of 0.61 seconds among the eight players, he took the lead without hesitation.

The local broadcasters were surprised as they continued to lead at a pace faster than the world record set during the full body swimsuit era.

[It's still about 2 seconds faster than the world record. Kim Woo-min, you are really amazing.]

The pace dropped a little after 300m, but he gritted his teeth and made his way through the water. Winnington, Australia, in lane 4, winner of the 2022 World Championships, and Mar, Germany, in lane 5, winner of two consecutive World Championship medals. I shook off Tense's fierce pursuit and was the first to touch the touch pad at 3 minutes 42.71 seconds.

[Great swimming! This is an unexpected win! Korea wins the gold medal in the men's 400m freestyle, the first management event at the World Championships.]

Kim Woo-min, who looked at the electronic display board with an expression of disbelief after shaving more than a second off his personal best, celebrated his victory by marking the number 1 with his finger.

[congratulation. It was a great race. Congratulations, world champion.]

Kim Woo-min became the second Korean athlete to win a world championship gold medal, 13 years after Park Tae-hwan, and the national anthem rang out at Doha Stadium.

[Kim Woo-min/National Swimming Team: (Doha World Championships) It's really meaningful and rewarding to start with a gold medal. Now, I want to think about the Olympic medal, which is a bigger stage, and train harder with that goal as my goal.]

Kim Woo-min, who has shown tremendous growth recently, won three gold medals at the Asian Games and became a world champion, raising hopes for the Paris Olympics in the 800m freestyle and 800m relay. Challenge yourself to conquer the world stage.

(Video editing: Jang Hyun-ki, design: Kang Gyeong-rim, Seo Seung-hyeon)