The Union of Journalists, “Sports Journalists Committee,” held a general assembly meeting for the committee members today at the Journalists Club in Damascus.

The Association members’ interventions focused on activating the committee’s activities and developing the work mechanism, by activating partnerships with sports federations and holding events in cooperation with economic entities interested in sports affairs.

The head of the Union of Journalists, Musa Abdel Nour, pointed out the important partnership between the committee and the General Sports Federation, and the efforts it is making to raise the level of sports media and activate its role, noting at the same time the activities that the committee has established socially and sports, which reflects positively on increasing the ties between sports media professionals.

The head of the committee, Iyad Nasser, reviewed the activities that had been accomplished during the previous period, most notably the revival of the Journalists’ Cup football tournament in the city of Aleppo after an absence of about 10 years, and the difficulties that prevented the expansion of the sporting events that the committee used to organize, in addition to helping journalists who were affected by the earthquake. Last year, participating in the activities of the Arab and International Federations of Sports Journalism.

It is noteworthy that the Sports Journalists Committee is one of the main committees in the Journalists Union, and was elected in 2021, headed by Iyad Nasser and membership of Anwar al-Bakr, Ghassan Shamma, Muhammad al-Arsan, Ayman al-Bundaqji, Imad Darwish, and Dana Awad.

Hanaa Saqur

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