Pitcher Ko Woo-seok, who joined Major League Baseball's San Diego, held his first official training at spring camp. Team senior Ha-seong Kim and team advisor Chan-ho Park helped me adjust.

This is reporter Seong-Hoon Lee.


On the first day of official training for the San Diego pitching staff, when Go Woo-seok appears, a chant named after Go Woo-seok echoes through the training ground.

[go! Let’s go!]

After the catch, Ha-seong Kim, a senior on the team, appears and gives advice.

[Did you play catch? When it's over, we have to talk. “You had a good pitch today.”]

San Diego team advisor Chan-ho Park also appeared in Go Woo-seok’s first bullpen pitching.

It was Go Woo-seok's second day since arriving in the U.S., so he was not used to jet lag, but he hit the ball hard, checked all pitches, and threw 30 pitches.

Go Woo-seok, who heard from the catcher who received the ball that he had good speed and movement, jokingly expressed his gratitude to Chan-ho Park, who gave him advice for a long time even after the bullpen pitching.

[Please tell me a lot... . I said I had a next schedule and that I would go now and left. I'm saying hello to everyone I see and trying to get closer to them.]

[Chan-ho Park/San Diego Club Advisor: I think he's doing really well. Come prepared well, whether mentally or physically.]

Go Woo-seok's first goal is to participate in the 'Seoul Opening Game' next month.

[I want to be in good condition and participate in the major league game held in Korea.]

(Video editing: Hongmyeong Lee, VJ: Jihye Woo)