The Italian coach will not renew his contract. Written pledge forces Ancelotti to leave Real Madrid

Spanish media have confirmed that the local football association is not concerned about rumours that Real Madrid want to renew the contract of coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The newspaper "Sport" quoting a source in the Brazilian Football Federation said that there is no danger of anything, and things are going according to what was agreed between the federation and the Italian coach, who agreed to train "samba".

"Ancelotti has signed a written pledge that he will be the next coach of the Brazilian national team after the end of the current season, so there is nothing for the Football Association to move again or be concerned about what is being circulated about the future of the Italian coach."

"The news coming from Spain confirms that Real Madrid is preparing to renew Ancelotti's contract for two more seasons, but on the ground it is just incorrect news because he is already linked with the Seleção to start his mission with the start of the Copa America 2024," she said.

She concluded: "Fernando Deniz was appointed to lead the national team on an interim basis, after everything was agreed with the veteran Italian coach, who did not officially sign so as not to take any illegal action, especially since he is tied to a contract with Real Madrid until June 2024, but at the same time he has informed the Spanish club of every step he has taken about his agreement with the Brazilian Football Federation."