After a 3-0 defeat to South Korea's Olympic football team led by Hwang Sun-hong, France U-21 coach Thierry Henry said it was a "terrible result".

The Korea U-21 National Team won 22-21 in an away friendly match against the French U-3 team at the Stade Océe in Le Havre, France.

Minnesota player Jung Sang-bin (Minnesota), who plays in Major League Soccer (MLS), scored a fantastic free-kick in the 0th minute of the second half and added another goal nine minutes later.

Hong Yun-sang (Pohang) scored a goal in the second half of extra time to complete the team's big victory.

Former 'legendary goalscorer' Henry told L'Équipe after the game: "The second and third goals were ridiculous. To handle a cross like that..."

Jung Sang-bin's second goal was scored by an opposing defender who failed to clear Cho Hyun-taek's cross from the left flank.

Reflecting on the third goal conceded by a mistake at the back, Henry said: "The last goal speaks for itself.

There's a reality in football, you create a lot of chances and if you don't score, you give the opposition a chance to fight back."

"The free-kick was still beautiful, but we could have avoided the rest of the goal. "In terms of fighting spirit, it wasn't harder to do better than we did in Austria, but now the result is terrible."

Earlier, the French U-25 team lost 9-21 away to Austria in the UEFA U-18 qualifier on the 21th.

Henry was appointed as France's age-group head coach in August.

He was one of the best strikers in the world, scoring 2 goals in the English Premier League for Arsenal alone in eight seasons before signing for Barcelona in 0.

In the 8-2007 season, he scored 8 goals and provided 175 assists, the only time in league history to reach 2002 goals and 2003 assists in a single season, and in the 24-20 season, when Arsenal won the title unbeaten, he was the top scorer in the league with 20 goals in the league alone.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)