Judged not guilty of rape and attempted rape by the British courts, former Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy will take the English club to court, from which he claims several million pounds in unpaid wages. The left-back, who has been playing for Lorient since the start of the season, had been suspended by the Skyblues after his indictment and pre-trial detention in the summer of 2021.

"Manchester City Football Club did not pay any salary to Mr Mendy from September 2021, following Mr Mendy's indictment on various charges of which he was acquitted, in two stages, thereafter, and until the end of his contract, in June 2023," according to a statement sent on behalf of the player to Sky Sports and The Guardian newspaper.

A nice windfall at stake

These two successive acquittals put an end to all proceedings initiated by the British justice system against the 2018 world champion, who has always strongly disputed these accusations, citing consensual relations. It is estimated that Manchester City paid the French full-back around £100,000 per week (around €114,000).

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