One of the most remarkable players in Korean baseball
this year is the new national team's No. 4 hitter, Noh Si-hwan.

Reporter Yoo Byung-min met Noh Si-hwan, who returned from the Asian Championship.

After Korea's No. 2017 hitter Lee Dae-ho returned his Taeguk mark in
4, the No. 4 hitter for the national team was the Achilles heel of Korean baseball.

In the absence of a fixer, South Korea suffered eight consecutive professional defeats against Japan and continued to slump in various international competitions.

So, Noh Si-hwan's rapid growth this year is like a "rain in a drought" for Korean baseball.

He led the team to victory as the No. 8 batter at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, and proved himself worthy of the "National University No. 4" by hitting a game-tying hit against Australia at the Asian Championship and a two-RBI double in the final against Japan.

[Noh Si-hwan/Hanwha Eagles: I think it was the kind of situation where I want to commend myself for overcoming the pressure like that.]

The reason why he has been swinging a bullish bat with 2 home runs and 2 RBIs this year is because of the crucial advice from Lee Dae-ho, a senior at Gyeongnam High School and the No. 4 hitter on the national team.

[Noh Si-hwan/Hanwha Eagles: I used 30 grams for 100.4 inches. (Daeho Lee) 'Why do you hit it? It's too light,' and he's never been below 33 grams in his baseball life. I thought, 'I'm going to give it a try.']

Roh Si-hwan promised that this year's great performance is not the peak, but the beginning.

[Noh Si-hwan/Hanwha Eagles: As the No. 5 hitter of the Hanwha Eagles and the No. 860 hitter of the national team, I will do my best to prepare to grow and become a consistent player, so please support me a lot.]

(Video interview: Gong Jin-gu, Video editing: Woo Ki-jeong)