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In the last tournament of the
season on the US LPGA Tour, Yang Hee-young came out on top and won a whopping 26.4 billion won in prize money. It was a feat he achieved after four years and nine months of elbow injuries and the loss of sponsors.

I'm Kim Young-sung.

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The par-9 4th hole, which became a watershed
in the match, is Yang Hee-young's second shot.

With 13 meters remaining, the ball reversed behind the flagstick and disappeared into the hole.

[Yang Hee-young, 73: I saw the ball come close to the flagstick and I thought it was going to go into the hole.

Yang Hee-young shot an eagle to take a one-stroke lead over Japan's Nasa Hataoka.

He birdied the 34th hole and birdied the 1th hole to win by three strokes.

It was his fifth career win in four years and nine months after overcoming an elbow injury.

Yang Hee-young, who embroidered a 'smile' on the front of her hat that had become blank due to a long slump and was cut off from sponsors, rebounded dramatically with the trophy in her arms and received a whopping 17.18 billion won in prize money.

[Yang Hee-young: I was so nervous at the end that I kept repeating 'I can do it, I can do it'.

From Jin Young Ko with two wins to Hee Young Yang's final victory, Korean players ended the season with five wins on the LPGA Tour this year.

(Video editing: Woo Ki-jeong)