The interventions of the members of the annual conference of the Executive Committee of the General Sports Federation in Homs focused on the need to pay attention to rural clubs and individual sports, and to honor distinguished athletes who contributed to the revitalization of sports in Homs.

During the conference, which was held today at the headquarters of the Homs branch of the Arab Socialist Baath Party under the slogan "Sport is an act and an achievement to keep the flag of the homeland raised", the conferees called for providing more financial support to active clubs, providing them with sports equipment, rehabilitating gyms and stadiums in the governorate in a way that meets the aspirations of athletes, finding appropriate mechanisms to evaluate the performance of some clubs, accelerating the completion of the rehabilitation of Khalid bin Al-Walid Stadium, and reconsidering the professional system in football and basketball and in the wages of the centers. Training of the Sports Federation.

The secretary of the branch of the Arab Socialist Baath Party in Homs, Omar Houria, stressed that sport is an act, an achievement and a living embodiment of the advancement of peoples and their civilization, and that sports excellence would raise the flags of the homeland high in international forums, pointing to the importance of cooperation in overcoming the difficulties of sports work to overcome them and promote sports.

The President of the General Sports Federation, Firas Mualla, noted the social situation created by sports and its ability to gather people around it, and the importance of the achievements of Syrian sports this year during foreign participations, where the flag of the homeland was raised high during it, and Syrian athletes were able to climb the podiums despite the modest capabilities, pointing out that the Sports Federation will help clubs

Maintain as much as possible to advance the reality of the various games in it, support it and meet the aspirations of its athletes.

Hanadi Diop

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