national football team will play an away match against China tomorrow (21st) in the World Cup qualifiers. Kim Min-jae, the 'defensive nucleus' who has been running non-stop, is only thinking about keeping a clean sheet and winning despite the 'abuse controversy' surrounding him.

Reporter Ha Sung-ryong will tell you from the local.


Kim Min-jae has started almost every game for Bayern Munich this season and has played full time in his last 10 games.

Even in the midst of a controversial streak, he has led the national team to keep a clean sheet in five consecutive games.

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A match of the year and the most nerve-wracking match in the second qualifying round, Kim Min-jae is only thinking about winning and keeping a clean sheet.

[Kim Min-jae/National Soccer Team Defender: I want to say that it's hard to talk about it, I want to thank myself for playing, and if the defense doesn't score a goal, we can take at least one point.

Kim Min-jae has fond memories of scoring two of his four goals against China, and he played for Beijing for two and a half years before making his way to Europe, so he knows the style of play of Chinese players.

[Kim Min-jae/National Football Team Defender: When I played in Beijing, my teammates are playing for the (Chinese) national team, so I think it would be very helpful if you let them know what kind of style you have.]

With tickets for the Korea-China match sold out early and more than 2,1 home fans expected to cheer for them, our players are determined to end 4 on a high note with five consecutive A-match wins.

(Video interview: Lee Byung-joo, Video editing: Nam Il)