That was once again a funny show on the third channel of the Hessian Broadcasting Corporation. Every Monday she can see who has nothing else to do, after eleven o'clock at night. It's called a "home game" and is supposed to be a sports show, but it's the home radio station of Eintracht Frankfurt. And because HR, as a public broadcaster, hardly gets any money through advertising and compulsory contributions, it has done it very cleverly.

How do you knit a low-cost sports show? Easy. You sit down in an Ebbelwei pub with a folkloric touch, sit a few fans at the tables ("it's nice that you're here"), and at the main table in the middle, the presenter and presenter, both in a good mood, exchange ideas with two or three Eintracht reporters or other local experts on a single topic. You guessed it: Eintracht. There is constant laughter and joking, and at regular intervals tablets are held up to the camera with weighty theses.

Concord – that's what they're waiting for over there

For example: "Eintracht vs. Dortmund 2028 in the USA." With a dot, not a question mark. Eintracht against BVB in New York, for example, is of course a huge topic that can easily fill a whole hour. And that's something the Americans are eagerly waiting for. Today, the New York Red Bulls can't even fill their mini-stadium when Messi comes with Inter Miami. But Eintracht – that's what they're waiting for over there.

By 2028, it should be clear that they will not only send their Chiefs and Colts to Frankfurt, as has just happened, where hundreds of thousands of German and European fans lie at their feet, but also vice versa.

Maybe even my home club, SV Darmstadt 98, will be ready to play its much-watched Bundesliga match against Heidenheim in Las Vegas by then, for the sake of international marketing. Or Frankfurt against Darmstadt – the Americans can see how they behave in the stands. Not like the wimp fans in football, who grill so peacefully around the stadium and exude a good mood and have nothing at all to do with a German fan audience with its Bengalos and its aggressive demeanor.

Yes, from the German football culture, strictly guarded at high-security matches and only with difficulty controlled by hundreds of police officers, they can take a leaf out of their book. 2028.

Although, the "home game" experts weren't quite sure after all. It may take a few more years. But at some point: The Bundesliga plays entirely in the States, and the Americans play entirely in Europe, preferably in Germany. It's going to be great.