Al-Orouba is the most prominent beneficiary of the ninth round

Barut leads Al Jazeera Al Hamra to an unprecedented start in the 'A' league

Eid Barut led Al Jazeera Al Hamra to victory over Al Rams 4-3 in the ninth round. From the source

Al Orouba Club became the first beneficiary of the ninth round of the First Division League, which was held last Friday and Saturday, after achieving a difficult victory over United 2-1, and the continued bleeding of its rivals for points, as Al Dhafra and Dibba Al Fujairah drew without goals, and Dibba Al Hisn lost from Masafi 3-2. Al-Orouba has 25 points, and widened the difference between it and second-placed Al Dhafra with 18 points to seven points, and to 10 points with the third Dibba Al Hisn, and Al Jazeera Al Hamra fourth, each with 15 points. Coach Eid Barout led Al Jazeera Al Hamra to a 4-3 victory over Al Rams and reached fourth place with the best start in its history in the First Division.

Al-Arabi also regained the tone of victories that had been absent in the past five rounds of the league, losing twice and drawing three matches, as they won in the ninth round against Masfoot 3-<>. The visiting teams achieved four victories: Al Oruba, Al Arabi, Al Jazeera Al Hamra and Gulf United, with two draws for Al Dhafra and Gulf FC. Despite losing the game, the Reds had a technically outstanding game and looked great and were close to a draw at the very least, while Gulf FC continued to achieve positive results in the sixth consecutive game after suffering a loss in the first three games.

List of distinguished in the ninth round

. Best Goalkeeper: Al Orouba goalkeeper Abdullah Youssef, after saving four scoring chances.

. Best Citizen Player: Al Arabi player Rashid Issa, after scoring two goals contributed to his team's victory and restore the tone of victories.

. Best Citizen Coach: Al Jazeera Al Hamra coach Eid Barout, after he led his team to victory over Al Rams and reach fourth place.

. Best Foreign Coach: Masafi coach Brahim Bfoud, Morocco, led his team to victory over Dibba Al Hisn, one of the league's strongest teams.

. Best Foreign Player: Oman's Fujairah player Azzan bin Mahmoud, after scoring two goals that led Fujairah to a valuable victory over Al Hamriyah.