Bahrain Federation allocates 4000,<> free tickets to the UAE public

The Bahrain Football Association has allocated 4000,19 free tickets to the UAE public during the highly anticipated match tomorrow, Tuesday, at the Bahrain National Stadium (45:18 UAE time and 45:2026 Manama time) in the second round of the joint Asian qualifiers for the 2027 World Cup and the <> Asian Cup.

The UAE Football Association said in a statement on Monday that "in light of the close relations between the UAE Football Association and its brother the Bahrain Football Association, Bahrain Football Association officials directed the entry of Al-Obeid fans to the Bahrain National Stadium openly without any charge."

He explained: "The entire right of the cabin, which includes 4000,2 seats, has been allocated to the fans of our national team, where entry will be from the external gate No. (<>)."