In the early days of
the Stove League, veteran free agent hitters from Lotte had mixed results. Ahn Chi-hong moved to Hanwha, while Jeon Jun-woo stayed at Lotte.

This is Lee Sung-hoon.


Hanwha signed Ahn Chi-hong, who played for Lotte, to a six-year free agent contract for a maximum total of 6.72 billion won.

A total of 4.47 billion won, including 8.55 billion won guaranteed for 2 years and 17 million won with options, and a total of 2009.2020 billion won for the next two years, are subject to the option of the club and the player.

This marks the third time Ahn Chi-hong, who joined KIA in 4 and was a two-time champion before moving to Lotte in 4.

Hanwha, which has been ranked last in the team's batting average for four consecutive years, is hoping that Ahn Chi-hong, who was signed as a free agent after Chae Eun-sung last year, will strengthen the central batting lineup along with Noh Si-hwan, who has grown into the national team's No. 37 hitter.

[Ahn Chi-hong/Hanwha infielder: I'm happy to come to Hanwha, and I'll be a player who can fill in the gaps so that I can show a good performance.]

After missing out on Ahn Chi-hong, Lotte retained 4-year-old veteran Jeon Jun-woo.

Four years ago, he signed a four-year contract until the age of 34 for a maximum of 10.4 billion won, more than 47 billion won more than the 41.2 billion won he signed as an FA.

Jeon Jun-woo, who was guaranteed two years of overseas coaching training, also showed his love for Lotte by donating 1 million won for the construction of a new home stadium.

(Video editing: Woo Ki-jeong, Screen courtesy: Hanwha Eagles, Lotte Giants)