What is the recipe for the «smart meal» adopted by Arteta for Arsenal players

The rules of eating a meal according to the new rules imposed by Arsenal coach, Spaniard Mikel Arteta, seem to be bearing fruit as they have helped to increase the harmony between the players and brought them closer to each other than ever before, but what is the recipe for the "smart meal" as described by the team's defender, French international William Saliba.

The defender revealed in his speech to the official website of the Arsenal club that the coach has been doing everything in his power to have all the players closer to each other and that this strengthened friendships and increased communication between all players and the technical staff and that this clearly casts a shadow on the team on the pitch.

Saliba said that the coach began to apply the new rules during the pre-season tour in the United States and that its idea is that during meals every time the player sits next to a new person, adding: «On the tour of America we used to mix tables at every meal, we do not choose the table where we sit for lunch or dinner».

"We have spoken to the coaching staff and other players and I really like it, there may be a player you don't talk to a lot, and this is an opportunity to get to know him more, to be with him, all of this helps us as a team when you are on the field," he continued.

Since the beginning of the current season, the 'Gunners' have been performing well to show that they are still hungry to compete for the league title, and the victory over Manchester United and in the Everton meeting showed how the players were at the top of harmony with each other, as they succeeded in the first meeting of turning the 1-3 deficit into a 1-<> victory, and settled the second confrontation with a clean goal.