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The men's football team, which is trying to win three consecutive gold medals at the
Asian Games in Hangzhou, will play the first leg of the group stage against Kuwait this evening (3). Director Hwang Sun-hong vowed to "must-win."

Lee Jung-chan is a reporter from China Jinhua.


Our squad's first match of the tournament is tonight's men's national football team's match against Kuwait.

After the final training session in a cheerful atmosphere, coach Hwang Sun-hong emphatically said that he would definitely beat Kuwait for the sake of the morale of the national football team and the entire squad.

[Hwang Sun-hong/Asian Games football team manager: We want to win, we have to win. I'm going to do that so that I can give good vibes to our athletes.]

The national team will play all three of their group games in Jinhua, 19 kilometers south of Hangzhou.

It's hotter and more humid than Korea, but we're adapting smoothly as we had a week-long battery training here in June as well as an evaluation match with China.

[Lee Han-bum/National soccer team defender: I think it's less hot than it was back then, so I think that's a good thing, I think the answer is to win no matter where you are.]

After dominating the 1 and 140 editions, South Korea Football will attempt to win three consecutive gold medals at the Games, with four nations, including South Korea, having won two consecutive Asian Games men's football titles, but none have won three consecutive titles.

[Lee Kwang-yeon/Asian Games soccer team goalkeeper: We know we have to put on the first button, we have to win the gold medal, so all of our players are preparing well with a sense of urgency and responsibility.]

All the preparations are done.

The journey to a new history begins today.

(Video Interview: Kim Seung-tae, Video Editing: Nam Il, CG: Kim Moon-sung)