Egypt faces Algeria in the UAE in the presence of Mohamed Salah. Match Date

The Egyptian Football Association confirmed the establishment of a friendly match for the Egyptian national team against its Algerian counterpart in the next international break, which will be during the month of October, noting that the date of the match has been modified to suit the commitments of Al-Ahly Club so as not to conflict with the team's matches, which happened in the last camp.

The executive director of the Egyptian Football Association Walid Al-Attar, in radio statements, that the board of directors of the Egyptian Federation reached an agreement with the Algerian Football Federation on the date of the friendly match between Egypt and Algeria next month.

The executive director of the Egyptian Federation said: "The dates of the African Union regarding club championships are not understood, and this is what creates crises between clubs and teams, our match against Algeria will be held on October 15 or 16 instead of October 17 in order to ensure the presence of Al-Ahly players with the Egyptian national team normally and not to repeat the crisis of the last camp."

Al Ahly are linked to an African date and a match against Tanzania's Simba on October 20th in the African League Championship.

The Egyptian national team had entered into a crisis with Al-Ahly of Egypt over playing the Tunisia friendly match 3 days before the African Super Cup, which led to the exclusion of some Al-Ahly players from the match with the Carthage Eagles.

The Algerian Football Federation also announced an agreement with its Egyptian counterpart to play a friendly match between the teams of the two countries.

The Algerian federation published an official statement (Monday) saying: "As part of the international break for the month of October 2023, that is, from 9 to 17 of next month, the national team will face Cape Verde and Egypt respectively in two friendly matches."

The next international break is the penultimate break of the year and the Egyptian team is scheduled to be present with all their stars, led by Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, and the match is expected to be in Abu Dhabi.