Al-Shula football club team has completed its intensive training camp in Al-Fayhaa Sports City in Damascus, in preparation for its participation in the First Division Clubs League next month.

The club's president, Captain Ayham Masalma, said in a statement to SANA that the camp lasted seven days, which is a good step in the preparation, preparation and preparation of the team for the upcoming competitions.

Captain Walid Abu Al-Sel, who was chosen by the club's management, explained that the camp included morning and evening exercises focused on raising the fitness of the players, giving some tactical plans that serve the team in the next stage, and two test matches, and the most important for the coach was to determine the team's readiness and the potential of each player despite the relatively short preparatory period.

Abu Al-Sel explained that the team's squad has been strengthened by attracting experienced players from other clubs, and contracts have been signed with players with impressive records of achievement and have the ability to add great value to the team.

National coach Nafie Abdelkader was also hired to train the guards.

Team coach Anwar Abdel Qader pointed to the focus during the camp on physical, mental and psychological preparation while increasing the volume of harmony between the players, and carrying out intensive training throughout the camp period in two periods a day to avoid mistakes in the upcoming matches.

Laila Hussein

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