The disappointment for the relegation to B, the nightmare of failure dematerialized after so much fear. The blucerchiati fans can breathe a sigh of relief: the club is safe and can start again from the cadetteria trying to return immediately to the top flight. Massimo Ferrero steps aside, the Radrizzani-Manfredi era begins.

The Board of Directors of the company - i.e. Chairman Lanna, Vice President Romei and Directors Panconi and Bosco) received the mandate to proceed with the capital increase, up to 40 million euros, which was approved unanimously. A new cycle can therefore begin for the Dorian team Sampdoria. It was not possible to avoid the penalty in the standings to be served in the next Serie B season, even if the points could be less than 4.

"Now we can say it: it was a real battle, but we can finally say that we have done it", remarks Andrea Radrizzani, chairman of Aser Group, with Matteo Manfredi, principal of Gestio Capital. "We are nothing short of thrilled to announce that we have completed the acquisition of this extraordinary club. The history and the coat of arms of Samp are safe and I think my happiness is that of all the people who were suffering for these colors".

Tgr Liguria

Sampdoria, Matteo Manfredi

The now former number one, Ferrero, at the helm of the club since 2014, stresses: "It was not a negotiation: they led us to reason with the heart, because I do not take money, I will not take anything. I will no longer accept insults: I am happy, I did it for the people, for that part of the fans who did not offend me".

"They have to stop insulting me: I don't take anything, I bought the brand with 20 million euros. I am a decent person. Now an era is closing - he continues - we are all happy. I didn't make any mistakes: I haven't touched the ball for 18 months, the other leagues I've managed are all beautiful. One day you will regret Ferrero: history - he concludes - will prove me right".


Massimo Ferrero

"We are all happy, it has been two intense days, we must thank all the parties involved who have done a great job, there are many other things to do but it is not over here and we have to work a lot". So the president of Sampdoria Marco Lanna.

"We have taken an important step but there are many others we need to take. These were tough days for everyone but the first step has been taken. Now - he says - we will have to pedal because there are so many things to do in a short time".


Marco Lanna