The feat was quickly forgotten. After beating, to everyone's surprise, Daniil Medvedev, world No. 2, in the first round of Roland-Garros, Tuesday, Thiago Seyboth Wild was questioned at a press conference on the accusations of domestic violence made by his ex-girlfriend, Thayane Lima. "I don't think it's a question we should ask here, or anyone," the Brazilian replied. It's not up to you to decide if this is the place to talk about this or not. »

An investigation was opened against the tennis player in 2021 after facts of physical, psychological and moral violence were denounced by his ex-wife. "When Thiago got angry, he pushed me, pulled my hair, called me a slut, a whore...", explained the young woman to the Brazilian portal UOL. Without me realizing it, he made me change everything in my life. I started not being able to wear cleavage anymore, I couldn't even go to the beach anymore. I've always worn long nails, but he liked short ones because he said having long nails was a whore. »

Justice has never been able to locate him

In the complaint filed with the authorities, apart from insults and physical violence, Thiago Seyboth Wild is also accused of having controlled the social networks of his ex-girlfriend, who is a doctor, and that he determined the posts that the Brazilian could, or not, make. He would also have taken advantage of the fact that Thayane Lima was financially dependent on the player to control everything. In September 2021, Thiago Seyboth Wild denied all these accusations and spoke of "defamatory and slanderous" practices.

Since the filing of a complaint, with a view to a trial, Thiago Seyboth Wild is wanted by the public prosecutor of Rio de Janeiro, which has never managed to arrest the 172nd player in the world. He could never be found at the various addresses he had mentioned. "Thiago has not been located because he is outside Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, devoting himself to professional activities, a fact that is common knowledge," the tennis player's lawyer, Rafael de Melo, told UOL on Tuesday.

In stories published on Instagram on Tuesday, after Thiago Seyboth Wild's victory against Daniil Medvedev, Thayane Lima was indignant at the importance given to his ex-partner: "It shocks me, everyone saw what happened, and despite everything, it only takes him to win one, two or three games for people to forget what the person did. This is the level of importance that Brazil attaches to violence against women. (...) I hope that justice will be done, even if it takes time. »

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