The President of Al Wathba Club, Dr. Youssef Salama, confirmed that the club's plan for the coming years depends on caring for the club's children and age groups, with the aim of creating strong rules that help the club to rise strongly in the future and not to entrust the club with additional financial burdens that exceed the available capabilities.

During a press conference held at the club's headquarters, Salama pointed out that the upcoming policy also includes the disbursement of 50% of the club's revenues for age groups, athletics and strength, and 50% for football and basketball, whose teams will also be supported by one or two professional players, explaining that the contract with Brazilian footballer Gaga this season was made by the club's diaspora supporters' association, as the administration did not bear any burdens by contracting him.

On the assessment of the situation of the first team in football and the reasons for the low performance and decline in the ranking during the Premier League, Salama indicated that the team started strongly in the first leg, and continued to lead during it, but the long pauses during the league for the external participations of our teams negatively affected the team's performance, and that the Game Association was addressed regarding the pause, as we called for the continuation of the league with reserve players, but the Football Association issues its decisions without consulting the club presidents.

With regard to the punishment that affected the goalkeeper of the first team football Hussein Rahal, Salama pointed out that the decision to sanction came at the request of the team manager and the coach of the guards, after the low performance during the games of the Union and the bully, where it came after losing hope in the league, stressing that the administration did not question the affiliation of any player to the club in whose name he plays, and the sports ethics of one of them, and that the rumors spread on social networking sites are not taken by the administration, because it is governed by the performance of the players on the field.

The conference concluded by presenting the club's financial statement, which includes investments of 331 million liras, while the cost of the first team in football exceeds one billion liras, and the age groups cost 39 million, while the value of employee salaries is 27 million, while basketball between the salaries of the team and its staff and the costs of matches is about 280 million liras.

Hanadi Diop

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