After the racist hostility against professional soccer player Vinicius Junior of Real Madrid, an investigation is initiated against three suspects. The competent judge in Valencia had decided to start an investigation, the Spanish judiciary announced on Friday.

Insults from the stands

The three young suspects were arrested on Tuesday and then released under conditions. They are accused of racially insulting the 22-year-old Brazilian from the stands on Sunday in the Royals' match at Valencia FC (0-1). It is a "possible hate crime," the communiqué said. In the matter, the Spanish professional league acts as a private plaintiff.

The incidents had been recorded in the referee's match report. Valencia FC was fined 45,000 euros. In addition, the south stand of the Mestalla Stadium had been partially closed for five games. This suspension was reduced to three games on Friday, according to the Spanish Federation.

Vinicius had accused the Spanish professional league after the incident on Twitter of considering racism as "normal". League boss Javier Tebas initially vigorously rejected this accusation and emphasized that nine racist incidents had been reported to the judiciary this season. He later apologized to Vinicius for his irritable response, saying that his organization's hands were tied by the law. He claimed on Thursday that he could eradicate racism in Spanish football in six months if the league was given adequate powers.