'Bloody stampede' cancels league in El Salvador

Football authorities in El Salvador announced the cancellation of the country's league championship following a bloody stampede last weekend at the Coscatlan stadium that left 12 people dead and hundreds injured.
El Salvador's Football Federation and the top flight clubs said in a statement: "This action was taken in response to the seriousness of the events and the need to ensure safety conditions in sports facilities."
The two parties added: "We have decided to end the national championship of El Salvador for the 2022-2023 season, and there will be no champion, after the tournament reached the stage of the first leg of the quarterfinals."
The fall of a gate at the Coscatlan Stadium on Saturday sent fans who came to attend the match between local teams Alianza and CD Vas, causing 12 deaths and hundreds of injuries.
El Salvador's Football Federation required Alianza to play home games behind closed doors for a year after the federation blamed the club for the incident.