Shabab Alahli and Sharjah to the final of the basketball cup

Shabab Al Ahli hit a date with Sharjah on the 26th of this month in the final of the President's Cup, after they successfully overcame the semi-final obstacle today, with the victory of the "Dubai Knights" over Al Wasl by two points, and with a score of (86-84) in a match that brought them together at Al Nasr Club hall, while the "King" needed to resolve the extra half (11-10) to snatch its difficult victory over Al Nasr by (103-102) after the original time ended with a draw (92-92) in a meeting held at Shabab Al Ahli Club hall.

Shabab Al Ahli knew how to ensure its victory by ending the first quarter, with a difference of 20 points, and a score of (31-11), especially that Al Wasl was the best in the rest of the stages of the meeting, and its players succeeded in gaining the advantage with the results of the second and third quarters, and then the fourth quarter (25-18, 26-20 and 22-17), which were not enough to connect in the return with the result of the match.

In turn, Sharjah and Al Nasr shared the advantage in the results of the original time, with the "King" gaining the advantage in the first and third quarters by (29-23 and 22-16), and the success of "Al Ameed" in imposing a draw by giving his players the advantage in the second and fourth quarters (29-22 and 24-19), which prompted the refereeing staff to calculate an additional half for five minutes in which Sharjah snatched victory in the last second through a successful three-pointer by its star Omar Al Ameri.