In the
Badminton World Mixed Team Championships, Sudirman Cup, our national team defeated Japan to finish first in the group and advance to the round of eight. It was such a complete victory that they didn't concede a single game.

I'm a journalist in Suzhou.


Our national team succeeded in dominating the first match of the mixed doubles match.

The Kim Won-Ho and Jung Na Na pair dropped the first set against the world No. 1 powerhouse of Japan, but won the next two sets to pull off a comfortable comeback victory.

In the second match, Jeon Hyeok-jin continued the mood by catching Japan's Nishimoto, who is 8 spots higher in the world rankings than him, while Korean badminton star Ahn Se-young finished the match in the match.

Trailing 3-54 against World No. 6 Yamaguchi, who was outscored 12-1 in the first set, he rallied from six points down to win the match and then came back with a dominant performance to win 1-1.

[Ahn Se-young/National Badminton Team: I was very encouraged by the support of my sisters and brothers, and I think it was a good result because I tried not to give up, I tried not to make mistakes, and I tried to play one step further.]

Our national team also won the men's and women's doubles matches and won the final match of the qualifiers with a 4-2 victory over Korea and Japan.

Our national team, which has qualified for the quarter-finals by finishing first in the group, will embark on a full-fledged challenge for the championship from the quarter-finals tomorrow (0).

(Video Interview: Lee Byung-joo, Video Editing: Oh Young-taek)