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In women's golf
in Korea these days, a 19-year-old rookie who hits a tremendous long shot is a big topic. There was an unexpected story behind his transformation into a long hitter.

Reporter Kim Young-sung met.


[Wow~~] [Good Shot~~]

The 19-year-old Bang Shin-sil, who made his debut on the regular tour this year, immediately caught the attention of fans with his exhilarating long strokes that reached 270 meters and 300 yards.

[Bang Shin-sil (19 years old, 173 cm): Every time I hit it, the shouting is really loud, but I think it's exciting and exciting.]

Despite only playing in three non-full-seeded conditional seed tournaments, he has already become a hot star in the championship bracket on two of those occasions.

[I'm so glad you recognized me so much.]

Behind the spectacular stroke was a great trial.

Two years ago, while on the national team, he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which caused him to lose 2 kilograms of weight and suffer from extreme fatigue, which led to the biggest crisis of his career.

[I'm sorry, I struggled a lot, I didn't get grades, it was hard.]

I'm almost completely healed now, but my correction to a swing that reduces my stamina consumption during the course of my illness has been the key to increasing my distance.

[Before that, I used to do it with an arm swing, but now I've switched to a 'hip-turn' swing, so I think the distance has increased even more.]

On top of that, last winter's intensive training to increase swing speed has given the room even more wings.

Bang Shin-sil will try to win his first title again at the Doosan Match Play Championship, which starts today (10).

[I want to go as far as I can, my goal is to make it to the finals. Fighting!]

(Video Interview: Park Seung-won, Video Editing: Lee Jung-taek)