After the relegation of «Al-Nawakhada» to the «amateur» league

Al-Abdouli: The administrative environment in Dibba is ideal. "They didn't make me a hanger"

Hassan Al Abdouli: We used to play every game as a final. From the source

Dibba Al Fujairah coach Hassan Al Abdouli confirmed that the administrative environment enjoyed by the club is ideal and has helped it build a good team that was able to regain itself and compete to stay in the ADNOC Professional League, a goal that was close to achieving had it not been for its draw with Al Dhafra in the last round, which caused it to be relegated to the First Division, explaining that the reason for the delay in achieving positive results for the team is due to the fact that it was working to build a team that can compete to achieve ambition.

Al-Abdouli said to «Emirates Today»: «The administrative support is one of the most important reasons for the success of the coach and I enjoyed that support and I can say that the management of Dibba Al-Fujairah headed by Ahmed Saeed Al-Dhanhani is one of the best departments that I worked with, and they are the secret of the survival of Al-Nawakhada competitors until the last second of the last match of the team, which is good as they were supportive of me at a time when others were criticizing the work as they did not make me a hanger which is beautiful on my head».

It is noteworthy that Dibba Al-Fujairah was relegated to play in the «amateur» after occupying the penultimate place with 20 points, while Al-Bataeh (21 points) managed to stay.

Al-Adbouli explained: «When I received the training of Dibba Al-Fujairah team and because of the previous results, I found that the competitive spirit of the players is not well, and it needed support and development, especially with the availability of good capabilities for the players, so I put in my mind two plans, either we play in a tight defense style and rely on the counterattack without a tight technical plan and thus I lose my confidence in myself and the confidence of the players in the technical staff or build a team with a variety of options to enhance the players' confidence in themselves, which is what I chose, so we worked on Building the team technically did not exist before by building the attack correctly to achieve victories, and this matter requires enough time that we trained on and the team suffered five losses against the teams that were competing for the championship."

He added: «If we review the ranking of the teams in the second leg, Dibba Al-Fujairah occupies ninth place with 16 points, which reflects the efforts made during which we achieved things that are not found in the team, including the number of passes, defensive solidity and style of play, and this was reflected in collecting points and staying until the last round competing for survival».

Upcoming Offers

Al-Abdouli revealed that he received several offers for training in the next season of the ADNOC Professional League and another from the First Division, after the positive results he achieved with Dibba Al-Fujairah in the last eight matches in the season ended, indicating that he is studying everything and that the matter has not been decided.

He added: «Most of the team's players are newly experienced, which is something that affected the public tender clearly and that he cooperated effectively with the coach of the reserve team, Captain Muhammad Obaid Al-Khadim, and included four players from the reserves, whose performance resulted in the general output of the team, namely the resident Abdullahi, Ahmed Nabil, Mohammed Al-Seridi and Rashid Mohammed, who are project players for the future, as they need to be refined to be at the forefront of distinguished players».

Mental readiness

As for whether the players were mentally well prepared for the last match, he said: "The team was mentally equipped in all the games in which it achieved positive results, including the last match, because we played every game as a final."

As for the players, Al-Abdouli said: «Iraqi resident Mohammed Mustafa is a distinguished player and has distinctive technical elements, but he did not get a real opportunity to participate because I needed a permanent attacking resident, which reduced his chance to play because I could not sacrifice the striker in favor of the defender and I personally wished for a striker who has the touch and experience to make the difference».

He concluded that the thing that bothered him the most was the sadness of the players and the public for not staying, praising the efforts of the technical staff who accompanied him, namely coach Saad Jameel, Mohammed Shaheen, Ismail Koha and fitness coach Plaoto Brazilian.

Hassan Al Abdouli:

• «Dibba Al-Fujairah administration headed by Ahmed Saeed Al-Dhanhani is one of the best departments I worked with».

• "If we review the ranking of the teams in the second leg, Dibba is in ninth place with 16 points."

• «Most of the team's players are newly experienced, which has clearly affected the public giving».

• 20 points collected by Dibba Al Fujairah in the ADNOC Professional League did not help him survive.