11 players from a football team arrested for manipulating results

Hong Kong authorities have arrested 11 single-team footballers over allegations of match-fixing in the domestic league, the city's anti-graft authority said Tuesday.
After a year-long investigation, the independent anti-corruption commission on Monday arrested 23 people, including a coach, over allegations of match-fixing in Hong Kong's second division.
The allegations include bribery, match-fixing and illegal gambling, chief investigator Kate Chwick told a news conference on Tuesday: "This is the largest operation in recent years conducted by the committee against the fight against match-fixing."
The committee explained that the results-fixing group was suspected of paying about $1200,<> per player per game, depending on their influence.
"It's not just how they play, it's how they fake (the performance) or how they manipulate the results," Chuek said.
Suspected players can play passively in order for their team to lose to a weaker team or seek an unexpected result. Players and the group then bet on those outcomes in a structured scheme to make profits.
Local newspapers have identified the club in question as Happy Valley, one of Hong Kong's oldest clubs.