The Brazilian media have just shed light on a violent altercation that broke out on the night of May 6 to 7 in a bar in Porto Alegre. It turns out that the victim happens to be Mauro Chaulet, a 36-year-old Brazilian MMA fighter. He died that night after being shot by a Brazilian military police officer. According to an incident report shared by Radio Guaiba, the victim was at the side of his girlfriend, who survived after being shot twice in the stomach.

The altercation allegedly took shape after an argument between the latter and a woman accompanying the military police officer, who was not on duty at the time of the incident. So far, the investigation reports do not indicate who fired the first shot. But Mauro Chaulet took the officer's gun and shot him in the groin, and was fatally shot in the back.

"Brutal violence in Brazil repeats itself every day"

The MMA fighter still tried to leave the scene by car, and quickly hit another vehicle. Mauro Chaulet's wife and the police officer, both affected, are said to be in stable condition in a Porto Alegre hospital.

The 36-year-old fighter, who was known to the justice system for various disputes (attacks on the physical integrity of others, criminal organization and use of false documents), received a message of tribute from Team Goat Management, which represented him on the MMA circuit: "Unfortunately, we have lost another great person, victim of the brutal violence in Brazil that is repeated every day. You were special and you will never be forgotten."

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