The controversy arises after the heavy defeat suffered by the team owned by Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Real Aversa, for 6-0 by the Ragusa Calcio club, in the play-out of group I of Serie D. The prince would have hypothesized on his social media that the defeat, and consequent relegation to Excellence, would have been caused by a poisoning of his group while he was in Ragusa.

The reply of the Hyblaean society, after the hypotheses of the president Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, is not long in coming; allegations that are judged "Unacceptable and delusional, which suggests that there was even a sort of conspiracy hatched by Ragusa, which would have led to the poisoning of the Real Aversa players who for this reason would have lost the match in question".

Giuseppe Trapani, president of the Ragusa club, announced that he had given a mandate to the lawyers Fabrizio Cavallo and Francesco Guastella to "file a lawsuit against Dr. Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, owner of the Real Aversa team, for the very serious statements disclosed at the end of the match", underlining " Not only are they infamous, but they deeply offend the team and the whole Ragusan community. The players of Ragusa have always faced, together with the management, the victories and defeats on the field, with their heads held high and with great dignity".

The allegation had been launched by Emanuele Filiberto directly on his social networks, at the end of the match: "What happened yesterday is something unheard of and, from my point of view, it is an attack on my person as well as on the city of Aversa. They poisoned my team. We decided to send the team to retreat directly in the city of Ragusa, in a well-known city hotel, just to make them acclimatize, being a city 600 meters above sea level, but we could never imagine that in 2023 similar things could happen - continues Emanuele Filiberto on his Facebook account - I do not want to make any inference, but the only certain thing that all our players are in the hospital. During the return trip, after the many stops to vomit, it was necessary to take them to the hospital in Salerno and unfortunately they were all hospitalized, unfortunately they could not even return home. I hope that clarity and justice will be done here. We have already denounced the structure that hosted us, and now we will immediately complain to repeat the game and we will report everything to the federal prosecutor ".