He expressed his happiness to participate in the coronation ceremony of Shabab Alahli

Al-Jasmi: I don't belong to any club. I hope that our league will become the best in the world.

  • Hussein Al Jasmi: My first and last affiliation to the national team. I was very happy to be one of the supporters of the UAE league


Emirati artist Hussain Al Jassmi expressed his hope that the ADNOC Professional League will continue its development both artistically and publicly to become one of the best leagues in the world. Al Jassmi said in a statement to «Emirates Today»: This season was wonderful and the fans enjoyed strong matches, as all clubs made efforts that were tangible to make the league fun, and I imagine that the followers of the league are satisfied with the successes achieved.

Hussein Al Jassmi denied that he belongs to a particular club in the local league, stressing that the first and last affiliation to the national team. Hussain Al Jassmi performed an artistic concert on an exceptional night during which the "Dubai Knights" were crowned with the ADNOC Professional League shield, amid a large public presence, as his songs inflamed the enthusiasm of the masses, including "Knights of History" and "The Eighth Miracle of Dubai".

The fans received Al Jassmi the moment he entered the pitch by lighting their mobile phones and warm applause, and participated in completing some of the song breaks, and danced to the tunes, and the ceremony came at the initiative of the Professional League Committee in order to bring out the coronation ceremony in the best way. Hussain Al Jassmi confirmed in statements to Fujairah Radio that as a member of the UAE community, he is pleased to contribute to the closing ceremony of the football season and the crowning of Shabab Al Ahli with the title.

He said: «I am honored to present my artistic creativity to the fans, I was very happy to be one of the supporters of the UAE league, certainly sport in the UAE is the best and most importantly that my country is the best, without a doubt we are distinguished in everything and sports and football are part of this excellence».

He concluded by saying: «I congratulate Shabab Al-Ahli crowned the league title this season, the management, players, technical staff and fans gave their utmost to reach the podium, and I wish the rest of the teams that were not lucky, success in the next season». Regarding his interests in sports, Al Jassmi said that he follows sports in general and UAE sports in all games, and that he is happy, like all members of society, with any achievement achieved by UAE sport at the regional and international levels.