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a high school prospect like
major league superstar Ohtani has emerged who is trying to "double the pitching job."

Reporter Jeon Jung-hoon, who dreams of becoming the "Ohtani of Korea", met Jeon Mi-hoon.


Ohtani became the world's biggest baseball star with his "two-hitter," but "two-hitter" is becoming rarer and rarer in South Korea.

From an early age, the focus was more and more on either pitcher or hitter, and it became rare to see a player who could be an "ace and No. 4 hitter" in high school baseball as he used to be.

That's why Gyeongbuk High School third-year student Jeon Mir is unique.

[Hello, my name is Jeon Mir and I dream of being the Ohtani of Korea.]

As a pitcher, his fastball that can reach 3 kilometers per hour stands out, and his long hitting ability at the plate is considered to be among the best in high school, and like Ohtani, Jeon Mir has set a goal to become a "two-hitter" in the pros.

[Jeon Mir/Gyeongbukgo Tuta: I don't think I can choose. (May I ask why?) If you ask me to pick one, one is too bad, and I love both (pitchers and hitters).]

While most professional teams see high potential as a batsman, one club has told SBS that he can also pitch, and Jeon Mir is determined to pursue his dream, even if it is not an easy road.

[Ohtani was so cool that I only saw Ohtani in the WBC, and I fell in love with it, but I felt a little strong that I had to give it a try, so I can't give it up.]

(Video Interview: Jang Woon-seok, Video Editing: Nam Il, CG: Eom So-min, Lee Jae-joon, Screen Source: YouTube 'Do Won Dad')