Tarnished star. Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant is suspended by his club until further notice. The reason? The dissemination on social networks of a video showing him holding a gun. This is not a first, two months ago he was sanctioned by the NBA for brandishing a gun.

"We are aware of the video, circulating on social media, involving Ja Morant. He is suspended from all team activity pending review of the situation by the North American league (NBA), said the Memphis franchise. This new video, which was circulating on Instagram Live, has since been deleted. It shows Morant in the front passenger seat of a car holding what strongly looks like a gun in his left hand, with no knowledge of when the incident occurred.

Morant pledged to be "more responsible, smarter"

It is reminiscent of the one a little more than two months ago, albeit under slightly different circumstances, on which Morant, while intoxicated, brandished a gun at a nightclub in Glendale near Denver, Colorado, after a game lost by his team against the Nuggets. If the local police, after investigation, had not charged him, failing to find the gun and after establishing that no one had been threatened, the talented 23-year-old back had been suspended for eight games "for prejudicial conduct", by the NBA.

In the aftermath, the star had integrated a psychological support program in Florida for a few days. Then pledged to be "more responsible, smarter and stay away from all bad decisions," in an interview with ESPN after his suspension was announced.

Other cases tainted Morant's path. He was accused of "punching a 12-year-old at his home 13 to 17 times" in July 2022. His agent claimed at the time that he had acted in self-defence.

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