The textual chronicle

Busy days for the Old Lady, between the championship (waiting for the ruling for a new possible penalty) and the semi-finals of the Europa League against Sevilla.

The match between Juventus and Cremonese could be the stumbling block. The Giallorossi, after the victory in the direct clash against Spezia, are back in the race for salvation and have nothing to lose, indeed they could try everything for everything waiting for a miracle. Maximum attention, also because the gray and red are going through a good moment. Massimiliano Allegri, coach of the Bianconeri, said: "We only think about this game and not about Sevilla on Thursday, also because Ballardini is doing a great job. These are the most dangerous matches, nobody gives anything away and it is useless to talk beforehand. The morale of the boys is good, indeed excellent after the draw, it allows us to go to Seville to play the final on an equal footing and we must do our best. Our goal in the championship is to stay in the top four and defend second place, we only think about the field because otherwise we lose energy and on external things we can do nothing."

For Davide Ballardini, coach of the gray and red the last four league games, could to salvation, the miracle could be possible. The coach thinks only of the team: "We will have to play a team game, with attention, intensity, covering the field well, we will have to help a lot because we will play against a very motivated team composed of a very high quality squad. For us it is fundamental and necessary to play this type of game occupying the field well, remaining aggressive, managing the ball well and putting grit, determination. That's what it's up to us, we have to focus on that."


Allianz Stadium, Turin