Even a champion of the "amateur" league. And the return of the "hawks" to the "professionals"

Today, Hatta team won the title of the first division for amateur clubs, after defeating the Hispania Knights 5-1, and the Emirates team also promoted to the "professional" to accompany the Hatta team. This is after the victory of the "Falcons" over Al-Rams 4-3, taking advantage of Dibba Al-Hisn's loss to Masfoot with a clean triple, in contrast, the Hispania team was relegated to the second division by defeating Hatta, to accompany the Baynouna team relegated from a previous round.

On the other hand, City succeeded in staying in the first division after a precious draw with Al-Orouba 3-3, where his score became 23 points in fifteenth place. Hatta's victory in the league championship shield is his second when he rose in the 2016 sports season, led by coach Walid Obaid, while he rose second in two previous seasons.
In the results, Hatta defeated Forsan (5-1) in the match held at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai, bringing its score to 74 points one match before the end of the league. The balance of the Knights of Hispania froze at 19 points, 6 points behind City.