Another funny evening for the Circus Saint-Germain. Opposed to a pathetic team of AC Ajaccio, almost relegated to Ligue 2 at kick-off, and which will be officially at the final whistle, Saturday night, PSG fulfilled its contract by winning largely on the score of 5-0. And if the Parisians are still a little closer to their eleventh title of champion of France (Paris is six points ahead of RC Lens three days from the end of the season), it is not so much on the field as in the stands that Paris has distinguished itself this weekend.

How? By welcoming the banished Leo Messi, back after his suspension following his right incarceration of the hommist in Saudi Arabia, by a slew of whistles as embarrassing as they are fed. It had started as soon as the team composition was announced, where the name of the Argentine rivaled that of Christophe Galtier in terms of boos. And this continued for a good part of the match, making this meeting without much interest (despite the score) absolutely lunar. If the Pulga was dressed for the summer, the absence of the Collectif Ultras Paris, officially on strike at the end of the season, will certainly have mitigated the noise sanction and we dare not imagine what would have happened if the Virage Auteuil had been in the game.

A Park divided on the Messi case

As the minutes passed, as every ball in the feet of the former Barcelona player was accompanied by whistles, another part of the Parc des Princes ended up taking up the cause of the number 30, so that we found ourselves in sequences with half of the stadium rotting the player while the second half chanted his name. Surrealist. Asked at a press conference after the match on the bronca against the six-time Ballon d'Or, Christophe Galtier preferred to retain the encouragement.

"There were whistles when he touched the ball but a large part of the stadium covered those whistles with cheering and applause. He stayed in his game, and played his role as a game host to create situations for the team. He is used to it, his career has brought him into difficult situations," he said without anyone understanding what he meant by that. Messi has known whistles, certainly, but rarely from his own public. Already copiously booed last season after the elimination in the Champions League against Rea, the Argentine could only note Saturday night that it was high time for his history with PSG to end.

Long live the end

For the rest, not much to take away from this evening. The Parisians did not have to force their talent to bring the ACA to its knees, the future resident of L2 having done everything to make life easier for the Red and Blue. After a beautiful opening of the score by Fabian Ruiz, a nice left foot exter after a no less beautiful opening in depth of Danilo Pereira, the band to Galette doubled the bet quickly through Hakimi.

On the return from the locker room, Mbappé went quickly with his small double before Youssouf scored against his side at the very end of the match. With this success, Paris continues to keep Lens on the sidelines and, barring cataclysm, the capital club will be crowned champion on June 2 at home against Clermont. But, as last season, moreover, PSG may well celebrate this title in a deadly atmosphere, without the slightest outpouring of joy on the side of the Auteuil corner. It is high time for the season to end.

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