The Football Association discusses today the new developments after the resignation of Rashid bin Humaid

Today, the Board of Directors of the UAE Football Association will hold an important meeting to discuss the new developments related to the fate of the Board of Directors, following the resignation of Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi from the presidency of the Federation, after he was appointed Vice President of the National Olympic Committee, noting that the electoral cycle of the current Council ends in 2024, after it began in 2020, as the Council assumed its duties in January 2020, after Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi won the presidency of the Federation by acclamation.

It is scheduled that during the meeting, one of the two vice-presidents of the Federation, namely the First Vice President Abdullah Nasser Al-Junaibi, and the Second Vice President Yousef Hussein Al-Sahlawi, in order for one of them to assume the presidency of the Federation for a temporary period, in the event that members submit their resignations in accordance with Article 151 of the Statute, and until the Ordinary General Assembly of the Football Association, which in turn is scheduled to form a temporary committee to manage the affairs of the Federation until the election of a new president, while the statute provides for the election of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation The ball and the members by the General Assembly, whose session is chaired by the oldest member.

Article 101 of the Articles of Association stipulates that "in the event that the President ceases to perform his official duties temporarily or permanently, the Board of Directors shall convene within seven days to choose one of the two Vice-Presidents to carry out the functions of the President within an interim period of time, until the next General Assembly that appoints a new President by election."