Received «Heroes of the Eighth» with «Tifo Creative»

Shabab Alahli fans paint the most beautiful painting at the end of the league

  • A wonderful painting from Shabab Al Ahli fans on the stands on the night of the league title celebration.Photo: Patrick Castillo


Shabab Al Ahli fans painted a creative painting at the end of the ADNOC Professional League for the 2022-2023 season, crowning their efforts throughout the season after they came strongly to Rashid Stadium, three hours before the final match of the 26th round that brought Shabab Al Ahli with Ajman, yesterday, at Rashid Stadium in Dubai.

The fans of the "Dubai Knights" received the league champion the moment he arrived at the stadium in an enthusiastic atmosphere, while the audience raised a wonderful "Tifo" in celebration of the eighth shield, and the audience also saluted the teams of the age stages, which were honored before the start of the match, after Shabab Al-Ahli achieved a large number of titles in various competitions, most notably the ADNOC U-21 Professional League title, and the Professional League title.

For his part, Mohammed Rashid bin Ajeel, Chairman of the Shabab Al Ahli Fans Association, said that the Dubai Knights winning the league title for the eighth time in its history is the best culmination of the great effort made by the club throughout the season, pointing out that the fans of Shabab Al Ahli painted the most beautiful painting, and completed it with the creative painting that he presented at the end of the season.

He explained to «Emirates Today» that the current season is the best in the history of league competitions in professionals in all aspects, and said: «The tournament has witnessed great excitement through the competition of more than six clubs for the title, which was also reflected in the public attendance of most clubs».

He added: "Shabab Al Ahli fans excelled throughout the season in many matches, and had an important role in the great results achieved by the team, especially in difficult matches in which the players needed the support of the public."

As for the reason for the large attendance in the current season, he said: "The public is hungry to attend the matches. The strong competition for the title since the first round, and the special challenges between the fans of the clubs in general, especially in the mass matches, which reflected positively on the matches and the shape of the stands, which was one of the most important reasons for the success of the season.

Bin Ajeel concluded his remarks by saying that the fans of Shabab Al Ahli was confident of the return of the league title to the team, and said: «Despite the difficulties faced by Shabab Al Ahli in the current season, but the public was confident in the team's achievement of the title, especially that the club's management did a great job, and the players had a wonderful determination to achieve victories, which appeared in many matches that witnessed (remontada) from the team after being late in the result, the latest of which was in the Bani Yas match, during which it was decided ( Dubai Knights) won the title for the eighth time."