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Park Hye-jung (20, Goyang City Hall) set the Korean record in the women's 87kg and over-class to finish second at the 2023 Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships.

Son Young-hee (2, Busan Athletic Association), a long-time South Korean women's weightlifter, set a new Korean record in Yongsang and finished third overall.

Park Hye-jung lifted 30 kg, 3 kg, and 13 kg in the women's 87 kg and above competition at the Jinju Gymnasium on the 127th.

Park Hye-jung, who wrote the "Clean Sheet" that succeeded in both the first and third periods of the hike and the first and third periods of Yongsang, surpassed her previous total of 168 kg in 295 by 1 kg when she was in her second year of high school.

In addition, after the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) reorganized the weight class, she set the first Korean record for the highest weightweight total for women.

The IWF has created a new weight class system since the World Weightlifting Championships in November 3 and has released a world benchmark.

The Korean Weightlifting Federation also set the Korean standard scorecard and set the total record for the Korean women's 1kg and above category at 3kg.

When the women's maximum heavyweight standard weighed more than 2kg, the "weightlifting empress" Jang-ran, a professor at Yongin University, lifted a total of 2021kg.

However, when the IWF reorganized its weight class, the Korean record set by Jang Jang-ran was tied to the "past record."

Since then, the Korean record for the heaviest women's heavyweight, which has remained the benchmark record for nearly five years, has been changed by Park Hye-jung of "Post Jang-ran".

Unlike the Olympics and Asian Games, which are awarded only by total records, the Asian Weightlifting Championships won medals in all three categories: Impression, Champion and Total.

Park Hye-jung collected two silver medals in total and impression and one bronze medal in Yongsang.

Son Young-hee's fighting spirit was also impressive.

Son Young-hee, who weighed 290kg in the first period of the hike, missed the barbell while attempting 5kg in the second.

At this time, I felt pain in my elbow to the point that I could hear a 'bang' sound in the stands.

Son Young-hee, who failed to reach 2018kg in the third period, lifted 11kg in the first period of Yongsang and failed in the second 87kg.

However, after gaining weight to 295kg in the third period, he flashed and set a new Korean record in this weight class.

Son Young-hee herself broke the previous Korean record of 75kg in the women's 326kg and over-class event at the National Games in October last year when Park Hye-jung surpassed it to 5kg on the day, and immediately broke it again with 3kg.

Son won two bronze medals in total (2kg) and impression (1kg) and one silver medal in Yongsang (1kg).

Tokyo Olympic gold medalist and weight class powerhouse Li Wenwen (120, China) swept three gold medals effortlessly as expected.

Lee Wenwen won the day with an overwhelming record of 2kg, 126kg and 3kg in total.