In the dock, the alleged abuses in rhythmics. Theatre: the International Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics of Desio. "We weighed ourselves naked, with only underwear, without even a bra. Someone even took off his hairpins." The former Italian Anna Basta told in Milan, in the sports justice, what would have been the daily training with Emanuela Maccarani, coach and technical director suspended from the National Team, and her assistant and Olga Tishina, accused by their former students of non-compliant training and of having caused eating and psychological disorders.

"Until I was 15 years old - continued Basta - I was at the Polisportiva Pontevecchio in Bologna and I practically never got on a scale. Since 2016, in Desio, I have always been subjected to the rite of weight. After breakfast, we would arrive at the gym and line up naked. After the verdict of the scale, explains Basta, it was clear what the rest of the day would be like: "When Olga weighed on us, comments came even for increases of 3 or 4 ounces. ' Does the child grow? Aren't you ashamed?' we were called out loud. O' What are you doing? Do you realize?', phrases spoken in front of everyone. The rest of the day depended on those comments. In 2019, for a jumping exercise inside a circle, Maccarani told me 'if you lose a little weight, your ass also decreases and you go there'. These comments were not addressed to everyone, there was unequal treatment, but certain phrases . concluded - they were also pronounced to Nina Corradini, Laura Paris and Talisa Torretti".


Emanuela Maccarani

"I am confident and happy that the parties can be heard. I don't want to express myself too much: we talk about training, there are no people targeted. There is no talk of a sick system but it is training," Maccarani replied outside the courtroom of the Melia Hotel in Milan where the federal hearings were held. "This affair has affected the objectives and the project of the national team. Anna Enough? A few days ago she joined the Gymnastics Federation and I wish her a long career. I believe - he said - that this desire to put himself on the other side can resolve differences in his way of interpreting things".


Agnese Duranti

Another blue of the rhythm heard in the audience, Agnese Duranti, is not of the same opinion. "It is an environment as far as I am concerned that is always serene, suitable for doing high-level work. I remember heavier moments than others during training, but I think that sometimes it is also appropriate to create more difficult moments. I don't remember physical or verbal aggression," Duranti explained. "It's a sport of perfection and we are also being taken back severely. It happened that in case of repeated mistakes our coach turned to us with phrases like 'you're not doing anything, you're bullshit'. But I exclude that the coaches had had it with any athlete in particular. There have been personal corrections, such as towards Beatrice Tornatore: it happened to hear the coach address phrases like 'head of c...' or 'if you do the exercise badly I slap you', but I also remember the non-aggressive context in which it happened. Beatrice perceived it differently, she was very insecure."

At the opening of the session, the request for postponement of the inclusion of the documents that emerged in the first phase of investigations from the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Court of Monza was accepted. The previous hearing of the sports trial was held in Rome on March 24. At the end of which the Prosecutor had considered it necessary to listen to five girls, also in acceptance of the request of the defense.

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International Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics of Desio

Speaking of alleged harassment, the artistic gymnastics coach of a company in Imola, accused of mistreatment of four students, will go to trial, after the immediate judgment ordered by the Gip of the court of Bologna, who accepted the request of the prosecutor Augusto Borghini. The hearing is set for October 12.

The coach was suspended by the Federal Supreme Court, due to the ongoing investigation. In recent weeks, the suspect had been questioned and had given her own version of the facts. The accusation is of having harassed and humiliated the students, insulted and denigrated, threatening to exclude them from competitions and punishments. In some cases there would also have been beatings and injuries.

State Police

Brescia, federal rhythmic gymnastics instructor accused of mistreatment