Japanese striker Masa made headlines two years ago when he was in the second division when he said he would risk his life to challenge for promotion. After winning promotion and moving up to the First Division, we renewed our determination to pursue bigger dreams.

This is Kim Hyung-yeol.

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Massa, who joined the K-League second division two years ago after failing on the
Japanese stage, made headlines with his clumsy but honest Korean interview at the time.

[Martha: I think you're a loser in your football life, but there are games like this that can change your life every game and you get promoted, let's risk that for life.]

After scoring nine goals in 2 games that year and missing out on promotion, he regained his mind and finally led them to promotion to the First Division with double-digit scoring last season.

After shaking off an injury at the start of the season, he scored a theatrical goal in his first appearance on the 2st of last month, and he is now enjoying the 1st Division stage that he has painted so much by firing a goal that led the team to third place against Suwon on the 2th.

[Martha: There are a lot of people (in the first division) (spectators), they create the best atmosphere and I definitely felt that.]

Martha usually stays away from ramen noodles and chicken to take care of her body thoroughly, and sees other effects,

[Martha: (When you take care of your food), skin care is important, because skin (skin) is important.]

Now, as a challenger, not a loser, I vowed to pursue bigger dreams.

[Massa: Personally, I think the goal is to score at least 2 goals and Accham (to qualify for the AFC Champions League) is a challenger every day.]

(Video Interview: Park Seung-won, Video Editor: Kim Jong-tae, CG: Seo Dong-min)