Professional Baseball Hanwha sacked Subero last night (11th) and appointed Futures manager Wonho Choi to the new command tower. New director Choi emphasized "communication and change."

Yoo Byung-min is a reporter.


Hanwha sacking coach Subero after yesterday's home win over Samsung and appointed second-team coach Choi Won-ho as their new head coach.

The club decided to change managers last month after falling to the bottom of the table after losing six games in a row, and now they have to play "winning baseball" rather than "experimenting" as the reason for parting ways with Subero.

New coach Choi Won-ho took the baton before SSG today.

[Choi Won-ho/Hanhwa coach: I asked the seniors a little bit so that the players don't get agitated. We are trying to operate stably.]

New coach Choi said he will continue the good parts of his time as Subero but communicate with the squad and make changes.

[Wonho Choi/Hanhwa: If you made a shift without the pitcher's consent, now you're going to do it in a situation where you have a little more pitchers' consent.]

The squad also expressed anticipation.

[Jung Woo-ram/Hanwha Captain: Thank you for asking me what you think of the squad. I had a lot of talk to (the manager) about the squad's feelings.]

In Choi's debut, Hanwha led the way with a three-run home run by Chae Eun-sung in the first inning to put SSG ahead.

(Video Interview: Park Seung-won, Video Editing: Woo Ki-jung)