Footballer tragically dies in a "street race" (video)

Former Dynamo and Spartak footballer Alexander Karakin, 32, was killed at dawn on Friday in a street race near the Russian capital Moscow.

Russian websites circulated clips of the horrific accident that killed the Russian player and revealed that Karaken was not wearing a seat belt while driving at full speed, before it slipped and hit a bump in the middle of the road.

Бывший игрок ФК «Спартак», «Химки» и «Динамо» Александр Каракин попал в аварию на Nissan GTR во время уличной в Онки в Московской области — Shot

Cпорткар влетел в отбойник, а затем его выбросило на середину дороги.

Утверждается, что спортсмен доставлен с места аварии в...

— Газета. Ru (@GazetaRu) May 12, 2023

Russia Today reported that doctors tried to diagnose Karaken with a fracture of the skull, ribs and femur, in addition to the chest, noting that they fought for Karaken's life for several hours, but failed to save him.

The site explained that Alexander Karakin graduated from the academy "Spartak" in Moscow, and played for the red team, Dinamo and Khimki.