We received news yesterday (11th) that
North Korea's participation in the Asian Games in Hangzhou has become a possibility. Japanese media reported today that North Korea has already applied for hundreds of registrations.

This is Kwon Jong-o.

After disappearing from the international sports scene for a
while, it is certain that North Korea will return to action at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, in September.

Japanese media, including Asahi TV, reported that "North Korea has applied to the tournament organizers to register a squad of several hundreds."

In addition to soccer and swimming, North Korea will reportedly participate in dragon boating, the birthplace of China, but the decision appears to have been made in light of its special relationship with China and next year's Paris Olympics.

[Korean Sports Association official: Seeing as you seem to be thinking about Paris (Olympics) next year, you have to leave the Games to go to Paris, right?]

One thing that stands out in the report is that it is likely to send a large cheering squad as well.

North Korea has made a splash by sending cheering squads to major all-around Games, including the 9 Busan Asian Games and the 2002 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

North Korea, which was suspended by the International Olympic Committee for boycotting the Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-2018, was suspended on January 19 this year, so there are no obstacles to its participation in international competitions.

(Video Editing : Nam Il)