Shabab Alahli boasts the eighth title in its history against Ajman tonight

"Groom of the League" concert to the tune of Al Jassmi

  • Shabab Al Ahli fans played a big role in the victory of the Dubai Knights in the league. Cinematographer: Osama Abu Ghanem

  • Artist Hussain Al Jassmi celebrates the coronation ceremony of the league champion. Emirates Today


Shabab Al Ahli will play a festive match when it meets Ajman at the end of the ADNOC Professional League matches at 7:35 pm today at Rashid Stadium in Dubai, where the Dubai Knights receive the league shield for the eighth time in its history.

Shabab Al Ahli management has prepared a festive atmosphere for the club's fans, most notably the allocation of gate No. 7 at Rashid Ladies Stadium, to attend the coronation ceremony of the Dubai Knights with the ADNOC Professional League title, free of charge, and the club will also offer a set of valuable prizes to the public who will follow the match from the stadium, while the public prepares a wonderful reception for the players by raising "TiVo" worthy of this historic day.

For its part, the Pro League announced the participation of Emirati artist Hussain Al Jassmi in the coronation celebration, and said on its official account on the social networking site «Twitter»: «On a legendary night, Hussein Al Jassmi will sing his best songs at the coronation ceremony of the ADNOC Professional League champion for the 2022-2023 season».

Shabab Al Ahli seeks to end the season by achieving a new victory through which it confirms its lead in the standings, after deciding the title in the last round by defeating Bani Yas with two goals to one, to raise its score to 54 points, as the «Dubai Knights» hopes to enhance its number as the most victories in the league during the current season, after achieving 16 wins in the past 25 rounds.

On the other hand, Ajman will play the match with the aim of ending the season with a historic achievement after the "orange" achieved the highest rate of points in the history of its participation in the league with its score reaching 44 points, while its score will reach 47 points if it wins over Shabab Al-Ahli, and ends the competition in fourth place, beating Al Wasl, who has the same balance of points in direct confrontations.

Highlights of the celebration

■ The artist Hussein Al Jassmi performs a concert.

■ The club will offer a range of prizes to the public.

■ Allocating gate No. 7 for free entry for women.

■ Receiving the players with a public «TiVo» befitting the historical moment.

■ The match kicks off at 7.35pm at Rashid Stadium in Dubai.

Gate 7 at Rashid Stadium is for free female attendance.

Shabab Al Ahli fans are preparing to unveil a special "TiVo" for the historic day.