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North Korea, which has disappeared from the international sports scene for a
while, has been confirmed to be likely to compete at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, in September.

This is Kwon Jong-o.


North Korea boycotted the 9 Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-19 and was suspended by the International Olympic Committee and IOC.

So, after not being able to participate in any international competitions, let alone the Beijing Winter Olympics last year, the disciplinary action was lifted on January 2021 this year.

North Korea is expected to return to the international sports scene at the Hangzhou Asian Games in September.

This is because North Korean athletes who have not competed internationally for a long time need to secure the necessary grades or records at the Asian Games to compete at next year's Paris Olympics, and given the relationship between North Korea and China, there seems to be no reason to boycott them.

In the midst of this, it has been confirmed that two North Korean delegations attended the recent meeting of the heads of national athletes held in Hangzhou, and North Korea's participation is becoming a fait accompli.

[Korean Sports Association official: (Did people come from North Korea?) I was sitting in front of us (the Korean Sports Association delegation) at the meeting hall.]

If confirmed, North Korea will compete in the international all-around tournament for the first time in five years since the 1 Asian Games.

(Video editing by Lee Jung-taek)