An incident took place on Tuesday, during the World Judo Championships in Doha. Spectators wearing a Russian patriotic symbol on their clothes were expelled. The information was disclosed on Wednesday by the International Federation (IJF).

A photo circulated on social media of three spectators sitting in the stands of the Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena in the Qatari capital, wearing a St. George's ribbon on their clothes. This black and orange striped badge is originally a symbol of the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany, an event commemorated on May 9 in Russia. It is also considered a marker of Russian patriotism.

International Judo Federation returned representatives of the Russian terrorist army to the World Championship.

At these competitions we can see in the stands such "brainwashed" people who have attached an element of the battle flags of the Russian Guard units to themselves.


— Vladyslav Heraskevych OLY (@heraskevych) May 8, 2023

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The spectators refused to remove their emblem and were expelled from the venue, the IJF said, confirming information from the website Inside the games.

A competition boycotted by Ukraine

The 2023 World Judo Championships, which run until Sunday in Doha, are the first major international competition to have reinstated Russian and Belarusian athletes after their exclusion due to the war in Ukraine.

They were readmitted individually, as neutral athletes, in accordance with a recommendation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Following their return, Ukrainian judokas boycotted the competition.

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