Shocking facts about the death of US Olympic champion Tori Bowie

Press reports revealed new shocking facts after the body of American Olympic runner and champion Tori Buri was found at her home in Florida on the fifth of this month. The British newspaper "Daily Mail" indicated in its report that the medical autopsy of the body of the runner Bowie, who died at the age of 32, proved that she was seven months pregnant, and was going through a very bad condition, especially as she has been away from sports since June 2022.

The newspaper continued, that the local police in Florida, took the statements of many of Tori's friends, and neighbors of the late heroine, as it turned out that she has recently fallen into many problems, and that her behavior in the period before her death, was not good, and that she is in an unstable mental state, besides that she was throwing eggs at a neighboring house, quarreling with her boyfriend, screaming at him and threatening him with a knife. The newspaper pointed out that it is unlikely that the real cause of her death was violence, and did not rule out at the same time the possibility of committing suicide.

Many athletes in the United States have called on local authorities to reveal the true cause of the death of runner Tori Pouille, as she was still young before her sudden departure. Tori was crowned world champion in the 100 and 400m in 2017 in London, and was preceded by three Olympic medals at the Rio de Janeiro Games in Brazil in 2016, gold in the 400-meter relay, silver in the 100-meter race, and bronze in the 200-meter race.