Shock from Messi. spoil the joy of the Saudi crescent and make Barcelona happy

Argentine star Lionel Messi shocked the fans of Al Hilal Saudi Arabia just one day after the announcement of the French news agency "AFP", that Al Hilal Saudi Club succeeded in resolving the deal to join Lionel Messi to its ranks in the new season.

Jorge Horacio Messi, the father and agent of Lionel Messi, did not wait long after the news spread to issue an official statement in which he responded to all rumors and speculation about the future of his son, the striker of the French football team Paris Saint-Germain.

The agency "AFP" has confirmed in a report, quoting an informed source, that Messi completed his transfer to Al-Hilal, in exchange for an exceptional and huge deal without revealing financial details, stressing that Al-Hilal ended all matters related to the transfer of Messi and that the deal has already been made.

In response to this statement, Jorge Messi confirmed that he and his son have not agreed with any club so far in order to join him next summer, a news that certainly postpones the joy of the Saudi Al Hilal fans, and delights Barcelona and its fans, who hopes that the Argentine star will return to the ranks of his home again.

Jorge said in a statement published via the feature "Story" in his account on the site "Instagram": "Nothing is certain so far regarding the transfer of Messi to any team next season, the decision has not yet been made, and this will not be considered until Messi finishes, his season with Paris Saint-Germain."

He added: "There are always a lot of rumors and gossip that use the name of Messi to gain fame, however we can confirm that this news is not true, no agreements with any team so far, neither verbal nor signed nor agreed, and there will not be until the end of the current season."

Messi's father continued in an attack on the media: "There is a lack of respect from the media, some people are deliberately deceiving others without providing proof of the validity of their claims, in order to turn any malicious rumor into real news that serves their interests, these people should explain the reasons for not verifying the information they publish, and they do not want the truth to spoil their news."